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GDPR Compliant Face Blurring for Insurance Claims, Criminal Cases and Data Access Requests

"Where images of parties other than the requesting data subject appear on the CCTV footage the onus lies on the data controller to pixelate or otherwise redact or darken out the images of those other parties before supplying a copy of the footage or stills from the footage to the requestor"

Data Protection and CCTV
Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
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Video redaction overview.

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Redaction's simple process for your video access requests. is a dedicated, GDPR compliant video production service. We provide you with a simple process to allow you to meet data protection guidelines for your video access requests.

Our Redaction Services are for

Law Enforcement

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An example of when you should use video redaction.

We've completed a large number of varied video projects for a wide range of clients. You'll find our experience extremely useful for your project. We've worked with small businesses and very large ones. We can valuably contribute to your enterprise.

Access Requests Protect identity

"Where images of parties other than the requesting data subject appear on the footage the onus lies on the Data Controller to redact or darken the images of the other parties as it may pose difficulties to the Data Controller if images of other parties are shown where they can be identified"

Video redaction is used to obscure:

  1. Faces
  2. Spoken names
  3. House numbers
  4. Nudity
  5. Number plates
  6. Children
  7. Addresses
  8. Any information that will identify a person

For your Freedom of Information requests will provide you with video footage blurring, editing and any custom service you may require.

We supply GDPR, chain of evidence compliant services that are used to protect the identity of 3rd parties, suspects, victims, informants, your staff and colleagues.

Woman on phone in hospital reception
Woman on phone in hospital reception

Data Protection Protocol

Redaction's Data Protection Protocol for the handling, working with, retention, delivery and destruction of CCTV footage

  1. Supply of footage
    CCTV footage (footage) can be supplied to Redaction either on physical media (disc, thumb drive, hard drive) or via secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server transfer.
    Advance notification of delivery of footage is requested, notification of delivery of footage my only be sent to your dedicated contact and if the delivery method is physical then can only be addressed to your dedicated contact.
  2. Upon receipt of the footage
    If physical, then once the footage has been copied off the drive the drive is completely erased and reformatted. In the case of a disc, your supplied disc medium is shredded.
    If delivered digitally (via ftp), then once the footage has been copied the original file must be removed from the FTP service by the client.
  3. Storage
    While the footage is retained on Redaction's internal servers, its access is limited to your dedicated contact and the operator who will be carrying out the redaction and or specific editing, outlined by the client in a written briefing document.
  4. Delivery
    Once the required work has been carried out on the footage to the clients briefing and satisfaction. The final file is delivered by FTP to the client.
  5. Destruction
    Once confirmation is received from the client that the footage has been received and stored. The FTP space is deleted, and finally the original workspace on our server is also deleted without maintaining a back up copy or adding the project to the clients archive.

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Man sitting on soafa in office reception area a Design for Life company.

  • Design For Life is an award winning boutique production and post production studio in Dublin City Centre. We have over the past 17 years delivered bespoke, quality content for broadcast, corporate and commercial distribution.
  • We work with multinationals who have a global presence, cutting edge scientific communications programmes, art, theatre and music creators, Irelands leading broadcast professionals and corporate clients.
  • Design For Life provides a seamless end to end production service from concept briefing to filming, post-production, graphics and final delivery spread over three floors but under one roof.

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Track and blur any person, any object in any video

GDPR compliant, body-worn-camera, drone footage and CCTV anonymisation for Data Controllers

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